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Definitions is a website operated by TANIN d.d. Sevnica. (hereinafter referred to as the tenderer).
The user is a legal or natural person (consumer) who uses the website
The general terms and conditions of the website determine the terms of use of the site, the sale and purchase of items, the service between the provider and the user.
It is noted that using the web site, the user accepts these general terms and conditions of business.

In the event that you do not agree with these General Terms or Part of these General Terms,
We urge you to stop accessing the site immediately.

Personal information
Personal information is any information that refers to a particular natural person and also specifies this information (name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, ...).
Personal information obtained on our website via a contact form (you enter your name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, message, etc.) are used exclusively for the purpose of establishing communication - orders.
Without this information, an order via a contact form is not possible.
The same applies to data that is not provided through the contact form.
With the voluntary submission of this information, the provider is able to contact you and respond as soon as possible.
Comments are disabled on the site.
If you upload images using a contact form, you must avoid uploading images with built-in location data (EXIF GPS).
When uploading images through a contact form, you must ensure that you do not infringe on direct or indirect copyrights. (in any event, the provider can not be held liable for the actions of the user).

contact form
The bidder may use his contact form as an integral part of the website on his website.
The form can run in "Basic mode" as the "JavaScript" program, where personal data is deleted at the same time as the question / order was submitted.
The form on the website can work in "Enhanced mode" as a plug-in, where personal data is currently stored in the form of a question / order, and therefore specially adapted to the equipment.
Improved contact form is GDPR consistent. Learn more about the enhanced form:
You only provide relevant information and content through the contact form. You do not enter data in the form that could be misused.

The acquired personal data (either via the website or through direct contact) are used solely and exclusively for the purpose of communication, execution of the order and information.
Personal data and content that are either displayed on a website or sent via a contact form to an e-mail address will be stored and used only as long as this is necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were processed.
In accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), you have the right to request the deletion of the personal data you have provided us.
You can request that we delete any personal information that we have about you. This does not include data that we need to keep for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Responsibilities and duties of the contracting authority
• The contracting authority undertakes to take care of the accuracy of the contact information.

Damages and compensation
• The contracting authority fully understands and agrees that the service provider, its clients and employees will not be liable or held liable for any damage resulting from the use or inability to use the services and for any damages that may arise in connection with the services of the service provider .
• The contracting authority fully understands and agrees that the use of the provider's services is at its own risk and that it will be responsible for the consequences of the use of the service provider's services.

Change of conditions
By using the website, you agree to the above terms and conditions. In the event that you do not agree with the terms, please do not use the site. The Tenderer reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time by updating this post.

Data protection
The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transmission and storage of personal data, orders and payments.
The Buyer guarantees the accuracy and truthfulness of all data transmitted and is liable to the bidder for damages arising from inaccurate or untrue data.

Automatically logging information (non-personal information), cookies
Whenever you access, the general, non-personal information (users of the web search engine, the number of visits, the average time of visit to the website, the pages visited) are automatically recorded (not as part of the application). This information is used to measure the attractiveness of our site and to improve content and usability. Your data is not subject to further processing.

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cookieconsent_status, Feeding cookie usage settings for 365 days
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CookiesDisclosureCount, Feeding cookie usage settings, duration 1 day
* can be reserved for future use

The website can use Google Analytics, which enables cookies to analyze the site's visit.

With the settings of your web browser, a user can determine whether he will allow the use of cookies on a particular site or not.
You can not use the services of the website for which membership of a site is required, without enabled cookies. may use links to content and online services outside the EU territory that may be subject to different cookie usage rules. Privacy policy does not include other websites and links, including social networks, even if you have found a link to them on our website. The use and visit of these links is solely your decision, which makes the provider not responsible for the proper implementation of the security policy,
however, we recommend that you review and verify the privacy policy of each of the websites you visit.

Advertising, displaying advertising content
Whenever you access the website, advertisements (banners) can be automatically displayed.

Right to privacy
The provider undertakes to protect all personal data.
All information obtained through the website will be used exclusively for the business of the website and for sending information materials, offers, accounts and other necessary communications.

Monthly campaign notices and promotional e-mails must be clearly and unambiguously labeled as advertising messages. The sender must be clearly visible. The buyer will not take into account the user's desire not to receive promotional messages and notifications about monthly stocks.

At its best, the provider tries to ensure the up-to-date and correctness of the information published on his site.
Nevertheless, the offer, their stock and the price may change so quickly that the provider fails to correct the information on the web pages.
In such a case, the buyer will notify the buyer of any changes and allow him to cancel the order or replace the ordered item.

Due to the nature of the website, the provider does not guarantee the completeness and correctness of the information it represents on its home page, and it is also not responsible for the consequences of the conduct based on the content of the page.

Although the home page is designed to allow links to other sites, we are not responsible for the content and correctness of the information on these sites.

All photographs are symbolic and do not guarantee the characteristics of the offer and they are merely an informative presentation of the offer.

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